Trade-in R&S UPV and UPP for Audio Precision Audio Analyzer and get 10% OFF

It is a great time to replace those older Rohde & Schwarz UPV & UPP audio analyzers now that they are no longer being manufactured. Earn a 10% discount toward a new APx500 Analyzer B Series through this AP trade-in program. Not only will you be able to quickly make conventional measurements and troubleshoot faster, with greater accuracy and confidence, you’ll get a great price on the industry gold standard, the APx500 B Series analyzer.

Now is a Great Time to Improve Your Measurement Productivity

Make the Switch from R&S to Audio Precision

All R&S audio analyzer products have been discontinued with no replacements on the horizon. Five Reasons to switch from Rohde & Schwarz audio analyzers to an APx500:

1. Audio Precision is the standard in audio test and measurement. We have been building and supporting our products since 1984, longer than any other company. We continue to actively develop our products and provide 2 or more updates every year.

2. For every discontinued Rohde & Schwarz audio analyzer product we offer a functionally equivalent analyzer with either superior performance, lower cost, or both.

3. Every Audio Precision analyzer is delivered with ISO 17025, A2LA accredited calibration, exceeding the calibration standard with which UPV and UPP analyzers where shipped.

4. We support 3rd party control and automation via LabVIEW, MATLAB, C#, Visual Basic, Python and Microsoft .NET.

5. Audio Precision has live, factory trained technical support available in North America, Europe, and Asia. Service and calibration are available in all those regions. Our engineers are ready to help migrate your application from legacy, unsupported equipment to a state of the art, actively supported audio measurement platform.

Comparison Table


UPV/UPP-B2 – S/PDIF, Toslink, AES3 Digital Audio Interface APx DIO interface module, included with APx515, APx52x, and APx58x
UPV/UPP-K21 – Digital audio protocol analysis Status bit and protocol analysis included in all APx DIO/ADIO interfaces
UPV/UPP-K22 – Jitter generation and analysis APx ADIO interface module, included with APx555
UPV/UPP-B41/42 – I2S/Universal Serial Interface APx DSIO interface module
UPV/UPP-K421 – PDM Bitstream analysis APx PDM interface module
APx PDM 16 interface module
UPP-B4 – HDMI interface APx HDMI+ARC interface module

Multichannel Audio Switcher/Multiplexer 

R&S UPZ Audio Precision SWR-2755B

Suggested Replacement Models:

R&S Base Models AP Suggested Substitution Models
UPV APx525 APx555 APx515
UPV66 APx525 APx555 APx515
UPP200 APx525 APx555 APx515
UPP400 APx526 APx526 APx526
UPP800 APx58x APx58x APx58x

Trade in Now

Terms & Conditions: Trade-in product will be returned to the local Audio Precision representative or authorized distribution partner. This trade-in program expires November 15th, 2022 (purchase order must be received by that date). Trade-in product (R&S UPV or UPP) must be returned within 60 days of receipt of the new analyzer. Receive 10% off the total for the new Audio Precision analyzer (10% discount applies to the analyzer, H/W options, S/W options, extended warranty and software maintenance purchased) with the trade in of a UPP or UPV. This offer may not be combined with other discount offers. Contact your local Audio Precision representative or partner for more details.